Conservation Management & Environment:

Reforestation Project
River Habitat Monitoring
Deer Census and Monitoring
Fence Patrol
Soil Erosion Control and Prevention
Road Maintenance
Trail Maintenance
Litter Clean-ups

Wildlife Monitoring:

Mauritius Kestrel Project
Project Fruit Bat
Giant Tortoise Project
Endemic Birds Project
Biodiversity Surveys at Kestrel Valley

Marine Conservation:

Coral Farming Project
Turtle Monitoring
Fish Monitoring
Seagrass Surveys

Community Work:

Environmental education and awareness Human-wildlife conflict resolution through our Project Fruit Bat Identifying opportunities for collaborating with communities, whether through projects that create jobs, opportunities for upskilling, arts and  crafts classes presented by local community members, workshops with the goal of addressing specific challenges, and informal interviews with  local communities to understand their challenges.


Veggie garden
Indigenous tree nursery
Eco-brick Initiative