Meet the team

The Kestrel Valley team is an infusion of brains and brawn, with each team member bringing a plethora of experience to the programme. Our team has studied, worked and lived, in the conservation arena throughout Africa, making them one of the most dynamic teams in the voluntourism sector. They are vibrant, with a passion for the natural world, and their drive to restore it to its natural glory will make you want to return again, and again, and again!

Candice Prins

Programme Manager

Leading the Kestrel Valley team and volunteers to reaching our ambitious conservation goals.

Base: Kestrel Valley

Alibye Rodeea

Maintenance Master

Specialising in keeping the cogs turning behind the scenes and everyone smiling! 

Base: Mauritius

Jean Francois Meunier


Energetically looking after the grounds and helping out wherever he can!

Base: Kestrel Valley

Rani Estazie


You’ll find Rani working magic into the fabric of everyday life!

Base: Mauritius

Romella Botte

Cook & Housekeeper

Keeping everyone’s bellies full and bodies energised for all our daily eco-volunteering tasks! Giving Rani a helping hand.

Base: Kestrel Valley

Pierre Baissac

Consulting Ecologist

With an ecological career spanning over 4,5 decades, Pierre has a wealth of knowledge and experience to apply to our ecological management and reforestation plan.

Base: Mauritius

Our Partners

The Mauritian Wildlife Foundation (MWF) is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) in Mauritius concerned with the conservation and preservation of the nation’s endangered plant and animal species. Their goals are to save threatened Mauritian species through the restoration of entire ecosystems.

Eco-Sud is a non-governmental organization which aspires to a Mauritius where the “right of nature” would be taken into account and making it a good place for all to live. The main mission of the NGO is, therefore, to fervently protect the environment and the biodiversity of Mauritius for the generations of today and tomorrow.

Pierre de B. Baissac, through his company Diospyros Ltd., offers expertise in ecology and biodiversity, and ecotourism. Pierre is partnered with Kestrel Valley as a Consultant Ecologist to develop the Ecological Management Plan which forms the foundation of our Reforestation Programme on the property.

Owned by the Mantis Collection, Worldwide Experience specialises in recruiting eco-volunteers from across the globe to make a difference through conservation programmes. Since 2002, they have been supporting conservation programmes that offer a safe, supervised and structured programme delivered by professionals for students and volunteers. They offer an opportunity to learn about wildlife and conservation, and gain hands-on experience in the field, making a difference to the natural ecosystems and surrounding communities.

Volontärresor is our preferred partner for assisting volunteers from Scandinavia to prepare for their conservation trip to Kestrel Valley. Visit their website for more information.

Natucate is our preferred partner for assisting German-speaking volunteers to prepare for the conservation trip to Kestrel Valley. They are a conservation-orientated travel organisation, based in Aachen, Germany. Natucate specialises in ecotourism, volunteering, educational programmes, internships and sabbaticals, with a focus on nature and species conservation. Feedback and further information about aims and services can be found on their website